Stretching Exercises for Back Pain & Sciatica – Are They Causing You Long Term Damage?

For as long as I can remember people have been told to stretch whether they are warming up or warming down in order to prevent injuries. For just as long, physiotherapists have been using stretching, along with exercises, as the basis for their treatment of painful conditions. Everyone has jumped on the band wagon from Read More

Exercises for Back Pain and Sciatica – Why They Mightn’t be Working.

The customary approach taken when trying to address and fix chronic back pain or sciatica is to prescribe a series of stretching and exercises. However, pain sufferers find themselves become increasingly frustrated when these exercises and stretches don’t work to provide any lasting result. Over the years many exercise and stretching programs have been put Read More

Easy Ways to do Back Pain Exercises.

As a back pain sufferer, you undoubtedly already know that exercise is an important part of your day but often, the time it takes to do it discourages you from even starting, or giving up before you have really got going. There is another, far more efficient and effective way for you to exercise without Read More

Back Pain – the Importance of Posture.

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One very important thing to address as far as back pain or sciatica is concerned is posture, how you hold yourself as you go about your day. This is something all therapists should address whenever they are giving you treatment for back pain because it has such a huge bearing on the amount of stress Read More

Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment Made Easier.

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Is your Body “Treatable”? A body’s “treatability” is such a critical factor in determining whether you are going to get rid of your Back Pain or Sciatica easily or not, and for how long you are going to get relief from the pain you are experiencing. Many of you will be familiar with the Self Read More