leg problems cause sciatica

The Importance Of The Legs – when dealing with back problems. The legs and lower body is the foundation or main support for the upper body and most importantly the back. It is not until the leg muscles are strong, loose and balanced that any tightness you have in your upper body will respond to Read More

Information on Back Pain and Sciatica – Free Video

Do you have questions about your back pain or sciatica? The most important things any back pain or sciatica sufferer needs to know is covered in this informative video.

Back Surgery in 2006 Then Again in 2007 and Still Playing First Grade Rugby League Injury Free in 2014 – How is This Possible ?

In 2006 Anthony Minichello was operated on for a disc problem in his spine that threatened to end his professional Rugby League career. It was just a year earlier that he won the Golden Boot award as the game’s best player, so the back injury and diagnosis the he would require surgery was a devastating Read More

Why Pain and Injury Becomes Chronic or Moves to Another Part of the Body.

image of pain treatment

Most of the conventional methods used to treat chronic pain and injury don’t work and there is a good reason why.

Back Pain Information and Support

The term back pain covers such a huge number of conditions, from the occasional irritation that comes and goes depending on what you do in a day, to the totally debilitating condition known as sciatica or nerve pain that stops you in your tracks. There are of course other degenerative and structural conditions such as Read More