The Importance of Posture When Dealing with Back Pain or Sciatica

Whenever a therapist is treating you for back pain, one of the most important things they should address is how you hold yourself as you go about your day – whether it be sitting, standing or walking. Your posture can have a huge bearing on the amount of stress that is placed on your back Read More

The Little Known Reason for Your Back Pain and Sciatica

pain radiating from sciatica

There are multiple reasons and explanations sufferers are given for their back pain and sciatica. Many of these are misleading and don’t offer a solution. More often than not, they leave a sufferer feeling confused and more frustrated than ever … and still in pain! The main reason this situation exists is because mainstream therapies Read More

Study Reveals that Intense Pain At Onset is Highly Predictive of Future Pain.

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Study Reveals that Intense Pain At Onset is Highly Predictive of Future Pain. In an article published by Science Daily recently, it was revealed that up to 70 percent of us will suffer from lower back pain in the course of our lifetime. Many of us included in that statistic will experience chronic and long Read More

Is Surgery an Option For Your Back Pain & Sciatica?

In this post I would like to discuss the option of surgery when all other back pain treatments have failed and you feel like you have exhausted all your options. Perhaps, however, you have relied on the advice of only one specialist. Perhaps you are so frustrated and so over being in pain that you Read More

Steve Lockhart Interviewed About Back Pain and Sciatica

A recent interview Steve Lockhart did with Global Talk Radio discusses important aspects of back pain and sciatica and provides some great advice and tips for sufferers. To listen to the interview, click the play button. [audio:] Author: Steve Lockhart Google