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Title: How to activate inhibited Glute Max, and Glute Medius
Post by: SteveB on November 10, 2018, 11:37:26 PM
Hello. I've been working on resolving my chronic pain issues for quite some time now. I now know my body very well and for the most part what is functioning properly, and what is not. The main thing that's still keeping me in alot of pain is the fact that my left glute Max and Glute Medius are not firing. I can do bridges, clamshells, squats and various other exercises till the cows come home and I do not get any activation. I typically stretch my psoas and quads before attempting any glute activations to try and better my chances as I know these are antagonists. Common muscles that compensate are my piriformis, hamstrings, and occasionally my TFl. I believe it's been many years since these glutes have fired as I've been injured for a long time, and it seems I've lost the mind to muscle connection. I'm wondering if anyone has any tricks to help me rebuild the mind to muscle connection, keeping in mind that I'm not able to contract them at all right now.

Note:  my Psoas on both sides was previously super weak and all bound up. I've been working on them for months now and they're functioning well on both sides and now seem to lengthen properly, I've also worked hard to strengthen my transverse abs to try and give the pelvis some stability so I don't believe there's anything else holding me back other than the lack of mind to muscle connection.

Any help is very much appreciated. Thank You
Title: Re: How to activate inhibited Glute Max, and Glute Medius
Post by: Steve Lockhart on November 11, 2018, 12:45:59 PM
Hi Steve
You should be able to do the SLM Yoga to activate the glutes and in between doing that use ball compression work on your glutes and hamstrings to make sure they stay loose.