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Title: April 08 Healthletter - What IS the best treatment for Back Pain?
Post by: Steve Lockhart on April 19, 2008, 06:11:04 AM
What IS the best treatment for back pain?

Although a common question, it is one that cannot possibly be answered as a generalisation. One of the most confusing decisions for a back pain sufferer is what treatment to undertake to deal with their problem. Everyone they speak to has a different opinion based on what worked for them and the fact that there are literally dozens of options out there, all making similar claims, doesnít make the decision any easier.

The most common choices would be chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage, not because they are any better than the other options available but more because they have been around longer and are more established throughout the world. Because the cost of these treatments are largely straight out of a persons pocket, those sufferers who are on a limited budget tend to be impatient when it comes to waiting for a result or alternatively, they prefer to see a doctor and go down the rebated drugs and surgery route.

Most people donít really understand exactly what it is that the different therapies are trying to achieve to fix their pain and just go on faith because a friend of theirs recommended it. They expect fast results and only stick with something if they are making progress or the therapist is very good at convincing them it will take more time and to just keep coming.

The reality is everyone is different in the way their body has developed the patterns that set up their pain and back pain is never just the product of an isolated area of the body going wrong. It really involves so many things which vary a lot from person to person.

The responsiveness of one personís tissue to a stimulus may be very different than that of another person and that is one reason why, what worked for your friend might have provided no benefit at all for you.

Strength is definitely a limiting factor when it comes to how much a personís problem has spread throughout their muscle system. The naturally stronger a person is, the more protected their joints are against movement and irritation that can affect the discs and nerves. Strength is usually not something a person can do too much about after they are in acute pain, because strengthening exercises often just irritate an existing problem. But it certainly is a good idea to stay strong all the time as a way of protecting your body against pain.

How a person uses their body throughout the day can also have a big bearing on whether a treatment for back pain will have any lasting affect or not. If sitting down brings on your pain and that is what your job involves all day then chances are, treatments that are traditionally slow to get results like physiotherapy and chiropractic will not give much relief. It is often a case of one step forward during a treatment, followed by one step back over the next day or so.

One of the pain sufferers who attended the Thailand conference with me recently was a good example of someone that I felt would have struggled if I was treating them with a weekly session as I usually do. Especially as they would have been trying to fit their normal life in around those treatments, with little to no exercise. It would take me a long time to get the same result as we did in Thailand over an intensive 2 week period when their diet was very good and they were able to do exercises every day to support the bodywork we were doing. Not having the 8 or more hours a day at their desk with no exercise meant we could do around a years worth of changes to their body in the two weeks.

One of the most noticeable ways a person can affect their body is of course their diet and that tends to change from person to person, sometimes significantly, making it very unlikely two people will respond the same way to a physical treatment. Because the right diet makes a body supple and naturally strong and the wrong diet leaves them stressed weak and tight, the reaction to Ďphysicalí therapy work done on the body can be very different. That is one of the reasons I push the diet aspect so hard in my treatment programs and books, because I know it will greatly affect the result of a treatment and the level of pain a person feels whilst getting that result.

So the next time a well meaning friend suggests you must visit a certain therapist they know to fix your back pain, consider the above and ask yourself how similar you and your friend are in respect to lifestyle, job, diet, exercise, cause of your original problem and even emotional state. Then you will have a fairly good idea if is in fact worth you spending your money on their recommendation.

The reality is, no one persons back pain is exactly the same as anotherís and thatís why a hand out sheet of exercises that everyone gets will usually do very little to give you relief. Any therapist you see needs to look at all the aspects Iíve mentioned as part of a tailored rehabilitation program that is put together after an accurate assessment of your body and lifestyle is carried out. Therefore, the better condition your body is in when you start any treatment process, the better chance you have of getting success in the shortest possible time.

If you would like to take steps to help yourself  get your body into the best possible condition for whatever treatment you choose, my self treatment program will go through all the important considerations in much more detail for you. I have also added a feature to the money back guarantee it carries to ensure itís a totally no risk purchase for you. To see what I mean exactly, visit here

Title: Re: April 08 Healthletter - What IS the best treatment for Back Pain?
Post by: starwoman on April 20, 2008, 02:24:53 PM

Dear Steve,

I have had much pain for over 8 months now, and I have gone to the Hospital twice with the selling in my wrist, and muscle wasting in my right wrist.
Diagnosed with arthritis, as I have also endured Crohns disease for over 46 years.

Then we thought it may be carpal tunnel, had the necessary nerve conduction ests, proved negative.
Then I was diagnosed as having Gout.

I have been to Physiotherapist 8 times.

I have been to Remedial therapist 5 times for massage.
I have been 8 times to Chiropractor.
I have been diagnosed with tendonitis, and wrist Ultrasound wrist scan, showing tendonitis.
I have had so much wrist pain and restricted movment in my hands and arms that I have had 3 small traffic accidents.
I also attended a hand therapist.
I rang Gold Coast Hospital, where they advised me to hqave my Doctor write  a letter to see a Rheumatologist.
Also my Doctor had me get an exray of my spine, which showed disk degeneration pressing on nerves, etc...spondylitis also skoliosis.
I am currently waiting on a time to have a MRI scan.

As I am still suffering much pain, and can not have any life at all, could you advise me of someone to go and see here on the Gold Coast which may be able to give me some help please?

Kind regards,

Carmen Spence.
1 Narrabundah St.,
4213  Phone 0755307890
Title: Re: April 08 Healthletter - What IS the best treatment for Back Pain?
Post by: Steve Lockhart on April 21, 2008, 06:37:24 AM
Wrong spot for this post Carmen but I will answer the personal email you sent me.
Title: Re: April 08 Healthletter - What IS the best treatment for Back Pain?
Post by: michele on April 22, 2008, 05:23:35 PM
Hi Steve,
Have read your book and looked at DVD not sure if it will help my situation
MRI reads
Thee is an anterior listhesis at L5/S1 with approximately 14mm of displacement.
this equates to a borderline grade 2/3 displacement.
The scan shows moderate movement degradation. Allowing for this the spinal cord
shows no overt abnormality.
There appears to be significant degenerative articulation of the spinous processes at L4/L5.
At L5/S1 the anterior listhesis appears to be the result of longstanding bilateral pars defects of L5.
The central canal is elongated but probably adequate.
There is some facet arthropathy present.
There is compression of both exiting L5 nerve roots.
Tarlov cyst formation is noted within the sacrum most prominently S2.
There is bilateral compression of exiting L5 nerve roots.
Help!!! what does all this mean?, can manage pain during day, night time unbearable
being going on for a year.
Have had coritsone injections and radiofrequency on nerves, was a very active 52 year
old before this happened.(swam 2km 5 days and walked 8 km 4 days per week)
weight 62kg, eat healthy, have a prolapse due to 5 big babies now big teenagers

Title: Re: April 08 Healthletter - What IS the best treatment for Back Pain?
Post by: Steve Lockhart on April 23, 2008, 01:47:04 AM
Hi Michele,
The results pretty well say you have a normal looking spine/ back for a very active now 52 year old. The compressions on the nerve roots show your muscles are in a weak contracted state and not supporting those levels properly.
Don't focus too much on the structural problems but rather focus on getting your muscles as healthy strong and balanced as possible. The SLM Yoga should be fine and tennis ball work around your hips and glutes. Try to do the water workout to get some strength without putting too much pressure on the structure.

Good luck,
Title: Re: April 08 Healthletter - What IS the best treatment for Back Pain?
Post by: Monica on April 23, 2008, 09:02:56 AM
  Hi Steve! :)
 Just to say I am agree with you about the diet, is almost 80% important, transgenic foot leaves a lot of toxin in the body increasing stress and pain, the mental state contribute to increase pain as well there is  several factor, but the diet is the most important. (sorry about my languaje I am spanish speaker)... Thanks a lot.

I have a question I am massage therapist and I am experiencing some kind of burning in my right tumbs I am aware about the injury of the tumbs, but I do not know how to use to releve trigger point specially located in the upper trapecious that need to apply a  deeper presser, tumbs is more sensitive than using other tool even other part of the body (elbow, knucles, etc...) so with the time you can get the same sensivity using other part of the body?...
Title: Re: April 08 Healthletter - What IS the best treatment for Back Pain?
Post by: Steve Lockhart on April 24, 2008, 03:54:15 AM
Hi Monica,
Don't just leave the thumb with a problem, you need to fix it as it will only deteriorate more and perhaps case a worse problem that is harder to shift.

The nerve pain you feel is probably coming from the radial nerve beside the lower end of the biceps muscle just above the elbow.

Yes you will become more sensitive with other parts of your body the more you use them in your work.