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Author Topic: Back pain when laying down  (Read 3920 times)


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Back pain when laying down
« on: December 08, 2009, 02:47:09 PM »
Hi, I am hoping you can give me some suggestions to help my husband,  He has terrible back pain when laying down.  He put his back out over a year ago and had physio for 6 months, since then he has been pretty good except for once in a while.  He then started waking up with really bad pain and twinges so we went out and bought a new bed which was good for a few months.  However in the last 2 months he is in pain from the minute he lays down.  We have tried different pillows and different laying positions, of which none is helping.  The pain normally goes away once he is up and about for a little while and good all day until he lays down again at night.  Please help if you can from a wife that feels very helpless.

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Re: Back pain when laying down
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2009, 05:27:30 PM »
Hi Joanne,
Lying down puts the body in a different posture than when you stand or sit obviously so no doubt that lying down posture causes his structure to rub, pinch or whatever and thus give him pain. The simplest solution would be he sleeps standing up but he probably won't like that idea so he will have to change his body's posture.

I have a self treatment program that includes some exercises in a Yoga dvd and some techniques you do on the floor with a rubber ball where he can release certain muscles groups that control posture. It should only take him a couple of days to be sleeping pain free again and a bit longer to sort out the muscle imbalances that cause it so it doesn't return. A good Christmas present for him.

The reason the physio didn't fix this properly is their treatment is normally focussed on relieving symptoms and they don't deal with the whole body in a way that changes posture and corrects muscle imbalances.

I hope that help,

All the best


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